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The Real Cost Of Breast Augmentation

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When you sign the papers to get your breast augmentation, don’t forget to add in the cost of:

– $100’s on hair extensions & anti-hair loss shampoo because your hair is thinning and falling out in the handfuls when you shower.

-$1,000’s on supplements to boost your immune system, lose weight, heal your gut, and regulate your thyroid and adrenals.

– $1,000’s – $10,000’s on testing for food sensitivity, candida, EBV, IBS, leaky gut, SIBO, MS, Lupus, Hashimoto’s, fibromyalgia, mold exposure, heavy metal exposure… just to name a few.

– $100’s on eye doctors, eye drops and contacts because your vision starts declining

– $100’s on anti-anxiety meds for the panic attacks and anxious feelings

– $100’s on antidepressants for the suicidal thoughts

– $100’s on pain pills for your achy, stiff joints

– $1,000’s on energy drinks and stimulants just to get you through your day

– $1,000’s on sleeping pills for the insomnia

– $100’s – $1,000’s on hormone replacement for your night sweats, irritability and pre-menopausal symptoms

– $1,000’s on couples therapy because your sex life is non-existent …and you’ve become an empty shell of a person

– $10,000’s on chiropractors/naturopaths visits & specialized supplements

– $100’s – $1,000’s on imaging/mammography/MRIs for lumps, hardness and pain

– $100’s – $1,000’s on lab work costs for blood work

– $1,000’s on dermatologist visits, prescription meds and creams because of weird random rashes and acne flare ups

– $10,000’s – $100,000’s on doctor visits alone, only to be told “everything looks normal… we can’t find anything wrong with you”, every time. Or worse… you have BIA-ALCL, a rare cancer of the immune system that you can only get from breast implants.

– taking off of work because you’re in pain, too tired, full of anxiety, or in the hospital.


🤷🏻‍♀️ Don’t just take my word for it. Ask the tens of thousands of other women who all experienced the same thing ~ IF NOT WORSE, BIA-ALCL (Breast Implant Associated – Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma) from their “FDA Approved safe” breast implants!


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here’s to health, self-love and vibing high,

Christina Roulund-Dennis



Hi, I'm Christina. I recovered from Binge-Eating Disorder and Breast Implant Illness. I'm here to help you break free from any body-image barriers that hold you back from happiness and confidence. Join me on social media here:

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Hi, I’m Christina. I used to suffer from breast implant illness and now advocate for educating women on the potential symptoms of BII so they can heal too. Join our social media here: 

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