Health Benefits of Bentonite Clay and How to Use it

Did you know that high up on ancient mountain peaks, there exists a magical clay-like substance that can restore your youth, leave you feeling refreshed and new, all while extracting the cancer-inducing toxins that plague your body?

Okay, so perhaps we should tone down the drama here… but can I just say: I LOVE this new detox-discovery I made!

It’s called bentonite clay and if you’ve never heard about it before, it’s time you do.

If you HAVE heard about it, then let me enlighten you as to why you should have another look… and try it out.

Firstly, let’s begin with what bentonite clay is and where it’s from:

This ‘super-clay’ is composed of aged voclanic ash, the name itself comes from the largest known deposit of bentonite clay, found in Fort Benton, Wyoming in the United States.

In ancient times and throughout history, bentonite clay was popular among many different cultures for its healing properties and nutrients that help rid the body of toxins and harmful heavy metals that build up in our body over time.
With the rise in cancer and other health concerns, bentonite clay is gaining in popularity as an “alternative” treatment for both internal and external detoxification and is something that I just recently started investigating and using over the last year after a serious health scare I had.
How bentonite clay works: 
Bentonite clay comes in an “ash” when you buy it, and you simply mix it with water and/or apple cider vinegar. Since this ash-turned-clay carries a strong negative charge, it easily bonds to the positive charges in many toxins, extracting them from your body and absorbing them like a sponge.

Once the toxins are drawn into the clay, they are then bound there and out of your system.

Another cool thing benonite clay does, is help get oxygen to cells as it pulls excess hydrogen, allowing the cells to replace it with oxygen instead.

Bentonite clay has a high concentration of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium and silica, minerals that balance our body that are leeched out of our system by high-sugar and processed foods.

How to use and apply bentonite clay for the first time, the right way:

First off, do not let your clay to come in contact with any metals because it will counter the negative charge, making it less effective.

I use a glass bowl and plastic measuring spoons to both measure and mix when I am preparing my face mask and arm pit mask.

If you are using an aluminum filled deodorant still, you will benefit from this tremendously if you apply it under your armpits!

  • On the skin: mix 2 tablespoons of bentonite clay, two tablespoons of water and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass bowl until it looks like sour cream. With the plastic measuring spoon, pick up the bentonite clay out of the glass bowl and apply it to your face, armpits or any areas with insect bites, burns, itching or cuts. Let it dry up, usually in 20 minutes, then rinse off in the shower or with a warm, wet rag.

As the clay starts to dry out and harden it does crumble off, so I always stay in my bathroom to avoid making a mess all over the house.
  • In the bath: for soft skin, add 1/4 cup to your bath water, lay back and relax. I like to add mineral salts also, for an aromatherapy experience too.
  • Mouth rinse: grab a small jar with a lid and mix 1/2 teaspoon with 1/4 cup of water in it. Shake everything together really good. Put as much as you can in your mouth and rinse for one minute. Continue doing this until all of the mouth wash is finished.
  • Baby powder solution: for a red and irritated bottom, place an appropriate amount of clay on the effected area.

Where to get it?

This is the brand I use and where I get it from (Amazon):

Two pounds will last you a few months, so it’s a steal of a deal for a natural detox method.

Questions? Comments? Experiences? Post them below!

Let me know if you’ve used or plan to use bentonite clay, along with any questions you might have about it!

The Benefits of Oil Pulling and How To Do It

Oil pulling is something that not too many people know about yet. But those that do itregularly, swear by it — and there’s a reason.

Oil pulling is an ancient dental technique that involves taking a tablespoon of coconut oil (I use unrefined, organic) and swishing it in your mouth, on an empty stomach, for 20 minutes.

The first time I tried it, I could only make it to 15 minutes. Just do it for as long as you can, but for no more than 20 minutes.

Oil pulling is best and most beneficial to do first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach before you eat.

Our mouths harvest thousands of germs and bacteria that when swallowed, infiltrate our body.

By oil pulling first thing in the morning, you’ll remove more toxins, harmful bacteria, germs and plaque buildup all in one shot. If you eat food first, you’ll digest all of that stuff into your system. We need to get it out first!

Your teeth are going to feel just as smooth as when you leave the dentist! It’s nuts!

This 20-minute routine will not only improve your oral health, but your overall health too.

Oil pulling for 20 minutes is long enough to draw the toxins and breakdown plaque, but short enough time that your body doesn’t start reabsorbing those bad toxins back in. 

Would you rather use a bottle of store bought chemicals, that burn your mouth or a natural substance from nature that not only freshens your breath and improves your oral health, but also whitens your teeth, improves your gums and eliminates toxins too!?

I pick the ladder.


After making a few posts about oil pulling on my social media outlets, I did have a couple of people tell me that after a few sessions, their skin broke out, due to the body cleansing itself.

I myself have not experienced this, but I do want to be the one to tell you that others have, so don’t be alarmed if this happens to you.

Just know that the skin breaking out is totally worth all of the other health benefits you are going to experience with oil pulling, and it will pass shortly.

I have also read studies about others who have experienced headaches and congestion as a way of their body coping with the toxins being eliminated.

There was also a good, personal friend of mine who had a tooth infection and after oil pulling for a few days it completely went away.

IMPORTANT: you don’t want to spit out what has been in your mouth for 20 minutes into the sink. The coconut oil can harden up in your pipes, clogging them.

This too I’ve heard from more than one person and I don’t want to take the chance of this happening. It’s best to spit it out in the garbage can (DO NOT SWALLOW) or outside. 

Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and has a refreshing smell and taste.

If you are pregnant or nursing, I’d do research to see if it’s safe first. I can’t claim that it is or it isn’t, so I’ll leave that decision up to you 🙂


  • better overall oral health
  • whiter teeth
  • shinier teeth
  • healthier gums
  • less plaque
  • removal of bacteria, germs and toxins
  • fresh breath
  • better overall health

If you have a question that pops into your head, let me know. Email me at and put in the Subject: Oil Pulling Q. 

here’s to health, self-love and vibing high,

Christina Roulund