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About Me

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About Christina…

Christina is a homeschooling mama to her son, a loyal wife, entrepreneur, speaker, and body image & confidence expert.

She is passionate about helping women unlearn the lies perpetuated by society, understand and work through their trauma and triggers that create unhealthy beliefs, and help them lay foundations for a path forward through self-love and body acceptance. 

She has been active in this space since 2011 through her various online articles and publications, media interviews, coaching programs, and within her own online community. 

In 2018, Christina founded Size: Happy, a movement that enables women to break free from body image barriers that hold them back from living their best life. That same year, in August, Christina had her breast implants removed and created her Facebook Group, Breast Implant Illness Rejuvenation and Education with Christina.

Before Size: Happy was born, Christina worked with women for over a decade in the areas of health and fitness, specifically in the areas of weight loss, binging and emotional eating. She began to uncover a common denominator amongst women who were unhappy and unhealthy with their body and themselves as a whole.

She realized many women go down the same path she went down herself — they were turning to extremes, whether it be binge eating, bulimia, getting breast implants or other body-altering surgeries, to fit into what they felt were society’s expectations of them and what magazine covers were portraying as “the perfect woman.” Most of the women Christina had worked with, even women who appeared “fit and skinny,” were searching for an external source of confidence.

Christina could relate in many ways to these women, as she was not always Size: Happy herself. She struggled with low self-esteem as a young girl, which turned into eating disorders as a teenager, leading her to eventually get breast implants in her mid-20’s.

Since then, Christina has turned her pain into purpose and her mess into her message. 

Through her social media and online presence, Christina has set out to revolutionize the self-love industry by examining the underlying causes of low self-worth and unhappiness, and empowering women to see beyond their size, shape and weight. 

Christina wants every woman to understand just how miraculous it is that you’re even here today. How much your body is on your side, and how happiness and confidence are totally up to you. All you need to do is believe that you deserve the best, remove everything that’s bringing you down and go after everything that lights you up! 

A native of Florida her entire life, Christina also loves traveling the country in her RV with her husband, son and two tuxedo kitties. When she’s not challenging the diet and beauty industry or empowering the females of the future, Christina can usually be found in the gym, basking in the sun or hunkered down writing her upcoming book.

About Me

Hi, I’m Christina. I used to suffer from breast implant illness and now advocate for educating women on the potential symptoms of BII so they can heal too. Join our social media here: 

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